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10 Types of Managed Services an IT Provider Offers

managed services

When you first start a business, you can do much from a laptop and a connection to the internet. But times change.

First, there are the laptops you need for your employees. Then, you set up your first internal network. You invest in some software and start holding essential customer data on it.

Before you know it, you have a comprehensive IT infrastructure in place. But do you have a team to support it?

Read on to learn why companies use managed IT services and why types of managed services are available to you. 

1. IT Security

Your infrastructure, networks, and software need the best security to respond to the ever-present threat of hackers, data breaches, and other risks. So you'll find this is a must-have managed service from IT providers.

These managed services will help you put the right IT security in place for your business, including the relevant policies. It might also involve ongoing monitoring of cyber threats, including taking action if a live security incident happens.

Cybersecurity protects your business data and keeps your company operating 24/7.


2. Backups and Disaster Recovery

Security isn't the only way to protect your data. You also need robust backups in place so that you don't lose important information if something goes wrong. 

A managed service provider can create a backup process for your critical systems.

They can also put steps in place to restore your data during a disaster. So, if an unexpected event happens, your team can get up and running again quickly, minimizing the impact and cost to your business. 

3. Server Deployment

An IT provider can set up and manage your physical or cloud servers.

They can configure your infrastructure to optimize performance, security, and reliability. And they can monitor your server to ensure they are running 24/7, minimizing any business interruption.

An IT provider can also help support you through IT projects, like setting up new servers for a business expansion, for example, or upgrading an older system.

They can also plan this project on your behalf to ensure it happens smoothly. 

4. Network Support

A robust network is vital to any business IT setup. It's there to ensure your team has access to your IT systems, inside and outside your business, and your setup is secure. 

An IT support team can help create the right network for all your IT needs, with high availability, reliability, and security.

That support might include network design, implementation, and ongoing network monitoring. It could cover setting up local and wide area networks plus firewall configuration.

A managed services team may also set up solutions that help improve your network reliability, like load balancing. 

5. Computer Support

A managed service team can take over all the support of your office equipment, including laptops, printers, and peripheral devices. That might include setting up PCs for new staff or repairing broken equipment.

They can operate as first-line support, helping to diagnose a problem someone has with their laptop, like a connectivity issue.

Having a dedicated team to get this done can be helpful as it will help you avoid delays that could impact your staff.

These teams can also maintain the equipment to ensure it's got the latest security and updates, so they are reliable and will last a long time.

6. Vulnerability Scans

Vulnerability scans check your IT infrastructure for problems that could become potential threats. Managed IT services can scan your systems and provide strategies for remedying any weak points in your network.

All this helps to guard against external security threats and other potential problems like an aging system that could break.

Vulnerability scanning is about taking a proactive approach to your IT setup so you aren't surprised by a technical issue that could derail your business. 

7. Mobile Device Management

Remote work is becoming more popular. But that poses an IT challenge for businesses.

Remote teams need the same fast and reliable access to the company network as anyone in the office. However, that access must also be secure. A managed IT service can take charge of this on your behalf.

They can set up mobile devices like smartphones and laptops to ensure they have all the software your team needs but with the most robust security.

A managed services team can also help you put IT policies that reflect this new way of working and ensure your staff keeps your data safe, even when they are out of the office. 

8. VPN Support

VPN refers to virtual private networks. It's the best model for connecting to a secure network, such as when your team works from home.

A managed IT company can set up and oversee these VPNs on your behalf. They can also support your team if they have problems accessing your systems via a VPN. 

9. Compliance Support

You may have regulations you need to follow for your IT and data. For example, rules like GDPR and CCPA might be relevant if you hold customer data.

An external IT company can help guide you through these regulations and ensure compliance. They can review your setup, recommend any changes, and help ensure you have the right policies. 

That's important because non-compliance can be a costly mistake for a business. It can damage your reputation or leave you with a hefty fine.

10. First-Line Technical Support

A managed IT service can provide your business with a 24/7 IT helpdesk.

That gives your team vital first-line support for any technical problems. It covers many issues that can disrupt your business operations if not resolved quickly, like a broken PC, network trouble, or connectivity to business software.

First-line support means your team always has someone they can call. That team will have proper processes to help prioritize issues and keep you operational.


Types of Managed Services: Finding the Perfect Setup for Your Business

As you can see, there are many types of managed services. What you need will depend on your setup and your priorities. The first step is to speak to our Eagle Point Technology Solutions team.

Our experts can chat with you about your business and advise you on the support package that's the best fit for your requirements. Complete our contact form to begin that conversation. 


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