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How Can a Managed IT Consultant Help Your Company?

How Can a Managed IT Consultant Help Your Company

Even before Aristotle created the term "technology" in 330 BC, people were innovating new ways to improve their day-to-day activities. Today, managed IT services are a core technology that streamlines business operations and improves employee's lives.

A managed IT consultant can help you better manage business software, processes, and workflows. Read on to learn some core benefits of hiring one for your organization.

Providing Comprehensive Services

Managed IT consultants don't only perform one function for your business. They set up networks quickly and easily. They connect these networks to the cloud and remote access solutions for authorized users outside the office.

They also provide management and support for this software. Hardware support is also frequently available for on-premise servers.

Business IT support also will work to streamline your daily operations. This means designing new apps to fit your specific needs. It also means creating concrete, actionable plans to improve systems you already use.

Basically, business IT benefits come in tons of shapes and sizes. When you hire a support consultant, you're paying for dozens of different services as well as basic tech support. It's a holistic solution to a wide range of potential issues as well as a preventative measure.

Efficient Operations and Lower Costs

Quality IT consultants will assess your operations. They'll figure out ways that you can become more efficient.

For example, you may use and pay for two older applications that can be replaced with a single more efficient one. This will save you time, money, and data storage space.

Another example would be a consultant assessing real-time data about downtime and storage. They could tell you what apps and storage spaces are bogging down your system so you can recalibrate.

This will naturally reduce costs by integrating multiple costly applications and solutions. You'll only need to pay for what you use, so this can save a lot of money.

Plus, you won't need to pay for tons of tech solutions like upgrade packages, security software, or storage solutions. A managed IT team will provide automated updates and security systems for you.

Outsourced Flexibility

Outsourcing IT support means that you won't need to find your own IT professionals. You won't waste money scouring the job market, interviewing candidates, training and onboarding business IT support teams, or paying for salaries and benefits.

Outsourced services also make you more scalable.

Suppose that your business has a bad quarter. You need to make some cuts, pay less for your technology, and scale down.

With in-house IT, this would mean firing people and blindly deleting technologies from servers. It would be a grueling and time-consuming process, and it would all be pointless when you need to scale up again. At that point, you'd waste new money buying new services and hiring new talent.

With IT managed services, you can simply ask your outsourced team to scale down or up. They'll provide you with the services you need exactly when you require them. You'll never pay for more than you need, and you'll never shell out more than you have.

Strategic Uses of Technology

An IT consultant primarily serves as someone you can talk to about your technology. Initially, this means discussing what you want to achieve with your IT framework.

They will help you clearly define and outline your business objectives. You can also use their expertise to set realistic and attainable goals that will lead to real business growth. IT professionals will listen to the challenges you face, assess your IT solutions based on these problems, and come up with creative and well-informed ways to work around issues.

Then, the IT expert will help you come up with an actionable framework for how to achieve these specific goals.

A strategic roadmap for your technology is essential so you can see how tech solutions can meet specific needs. You'll be able to come up with both short-term and long-term plans for your business based on the applications and solutions you implement.

This can increase your productivity by equipping you with a step-by-step recipe for success.

Greater Security

Managed IT experts have a lot of experience in identifying potential security risks. They can holistically assess your system for vulnerabilities and take preventative action. You'll keep unauthorized users out and potentially save yourself $4.45 million.

This risk assessment will be extremely accurate because of prior knowledge.

An IT team also has access to state-of-the-art technologies that will protect your system. Military-grade firewalls, quality MFA systems, and DDoS protection are just a few of the benefits you may enjoy. We also will consistently monitor your system trends for blips that could lead to breaches or downtime.

Using outsourced IT also means that you'll get regular data backup to the cloud. Whether you want full backup services or incremental alternatives, you can save your data to multiple locations.

If it accidentally gets deleted, you won't face a lot of consequences. You can just access the cloud backup. In the unlikely event of a breach, you can minimize problems by re-accessing all the stolen information.

Constant Support

When you hire an IT consultant, a big part of what you're buying is support. Professionals serve as experts that you can contact at any time about your technology infrastructure.

We're willing to troubleshoot problems as soon as you notice them. We can also discuss ways to adapt your IT system to changing business needs or new pain points that didn't exist before.

Consultants bring expertise and experience to the table. Assessments, security tests, and more are possible when you call in the pros. You will get insight that you couldn't get without a specialist who knows what they're doing.

Talk to a Managed IT Consultant

Now that you know some benefits of hiring a managed IT consultant for your business, it's time to begin streamlining your operations. Our team offers consistent support for clients and prides ourselves on taking your technology to the next level of efficiency.

Contact Eagle Point Technology Solutions to start running a company the right way.


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