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IT Staffing

Eagle Point staffing services place the right talent in the right positions from onsite managed IT staffing to contract staffing to full-time recruitment.  We search for and place candidates with unmatched expertise in Information Technology (IT).  With over 25 years in managing and hiring IT personnel, our experiences will provide innovative staffing solutions for your organization.  We will partner with your organization and develop a strategy to recruit the best IT talent available.

Onsite IT Staffing

Onsite IT Staffing is a hybrid solution providing a dedicated Eagle Point support tech onsite during your business hours with the support of Eagle Point Managed Services.  Your onsite support tech works directly with your team at your location and is dedicated to your needs.  The local support tech is managed by a vCIO and is backed by Eagle Point infrastructure experts.


Your organization gets access to all Eagle Point Managed Services and vCIO providing a robust team of experts that you can’t get by hiring internal IT staff.


IT  Recruiting

Eagle Point understands it can be hard for organizations to find the right IT personnel with the skills, talent and knowledge needed for your success.  Our hiring staff has managed small and large groups of IT professionals and brings an acute awareness of IT skills. 

We begin our partnership by seeking to understand our client's IT needs and then individually interview and test all candidates to ensure the necessary IT skills are present.   Our clients can rest assured the technology requirements are met and can focus on the candidate that fits best with the organization.

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