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Four Ways to Add to Your Antivirus Software Protection

There are a lot of great antivirus software programs out there, and you may think that all you need to do to maintain your safety on the Internet is to have the best program installed. But that's hardly all there is to it these days. Viruses have gotten more sophisticated and sneaky with time, and their creators have continued to innovate new ways to worm themselves into your computer. In addition to having quality antivirus software installed, you should also follow these four important tips for keeping your computer secure.

1. Keep your software up to date.

Updating your software and your computer whenever necessary is key to keeping away malware. Even the best programs need updates occasionally, in order to deal with any newly created viruses.

2. Only open attachments that you're expecting.

You should always be cautious of opening e-mail attachments that you aren't explicitly expecting, even from people you know. Many e-mail providers will automatically scan attachments for you and let you know whether or not they detect any viruses.

3. Use a pop-up blocker.

A pop-up can infect your computer with a virus before you realize what's happening. The easiest way to cut this off is to use a good pop-up blocker, which will cut off the threats early.

4. Back up your files.

If all else fails and a virus manages to get past your defenses, you don't want to have to start over from scratch. Always keep a backup of any important files on hand.

If all this information seems a bit overwhelming, don't worry! Among our many services, we offer IT management so that you can focus on your business while we handle the technology. Contact us today for more information.

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