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Are you safe and secure in the cloud?

Cloud Computing Doesn’t Come Without Risk

The cloud is an essential part of every organizations IT strategy given that it delivers simplicity, easy scalability, effortless collaboration, increased productivity and more. But, these benefits don’t come without risk. Here are five cloud security threats you need to be aware of to keep your data and assets safe.

Permanent Data Loss

A data breach does more than damage your reputation and hackers have been known to permanently delete cloud data. Cloud data centers are also just as vulnerable to natural disasters as any facility.

Inadequate Diligence

The CSA warns that organizations that embrace the cloud without fully understanding the environment and its associated risks may encounter a myriad of commercial, financial, technical, legal and compliance risks.

Cloud Service Abuses

Some hackers have the ability to use cloud computing resources to break an encryption key to launch a cyberattack.

Denial of Service (DoS) Attacks

DoS attacks have become more notable thanks to cloud computing, slowing your system down to a crawl or timing out. They consume large amounts of processing power and can be high-volume or asymmetric, application-level attacks, which target Web server and database vulnerabilities.

Shared Technology, Shared Dangers

Cloud computing uses shared infrastructure, platforms, and applications. If a vulnerability arises at any of these points, the entire environment is exposed to potential compromises and breaches.

We’ll Keep You Safe in the Cloud

You don’t have to rethink cloud—just how you manage it. You can count on our cloud computing experts to stop these threats before they cause harm. We’ll identify potential risks and recommend options for resolving any vulnerabilities. Contact us today for your free assessment and get 10% off cloud services through June 30, 2016.

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