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2015 has come to a close. You’re now tying up loose ends to launch into a successful 2016. Likely, you’re still reviewing last year to discover business successes you can repeat and areas that need improvement.

Also consider this for a moment: How much time did you spend using technology, struggling with it, and maybe being hampered by IT? Wouldn’t you like to reduce the stress IT woes have on your team’s energy and morale?

Even if you’ve avoided major IT challenges, you’re still probably dealing with everyday hassles like software upgrades, security patches and pesky pop-ups. These big and little issues can wear you down.

And if IT isn’t your job, you might want more time to focus on what makes your business function and succeed.

Worry-free IT managed by IT service experts is the solution to these technology challenges. Outsourcing your IT management to a managed services provider (MSP) has been shown to:

  • Reduce business IT infrastructure costs,

  • Improve server and network uptime,

  • Increase staff productivity.

You can avoid costly IT emergencies and small issues that can be fixed with lower-cost remote support before they snowball into onsite fixes. You can benefit from fewer interruptions and less frustration. You can get focused on running your business instead of worrying about the next computer crash.

Here’s 7 New Year’s IT resolutions to keep your business humming along while you remain worry-free:

  • 24×7 Monitoring & Proactive Maintenance: This is a valuable, because 24×7 monitoring allows for most issues to be identified and proactively resolved before they become major problems resulting in significant downtime.

  • Budgeting: With a fixed monthly cost, managed IT services allow for you to better budget for service costs as well as prepare for upgrades. MSPs have repair and service work already built into the contract, along with ongoing maintenance.

  • Comprehensive Reporting: MSPs can provide in-depth reporting on error messaging, problem remediation and user activity. They can also offer frequent reviews of these reports so that you understand what is happening on your network.

  • Staff Availability: A managed IT services package allows your IT person to focus on what really needs to be done, instead of the day-to-day maintenance. It also allows your split resources, like Accounting or Operations, the ability to focus on their primary job, instead of worrying about the technology working properly.

  • Efficiency: With the toolsets available to MSPs, end-users can have more streamlined and efficient experiences. With proper planning and notification, patches and updates can be scheduled so that there’s no disruption to the end-user at any time or anywhere.

  • Knowledge Base: When working with a MSP, there’s an entire staff available to tackle any issue that may arise as well as advise or take on any project that needs to be implemented. A trusted IT partner invests in its staff to ensure that its engineers have the most recent certifications for the services they offer and vendors they work with.

  • Improved Security: Protection for your network is arguably the most important aspect of a business’s technology. Managed IT services packages offer solutions to monitor your firewall, antivirus and apply the latest updates and patches to ensure that your network is as secure as possible.

So start your New Year off with resolutions for your business success that you can actually keep with the help of an MSP. Contact us today to request a free IT Security & Cost Reduction Consultation. By talking to us, you automatically qualify for 50% off your first month on a signed 1-year or greater agreement.

Happy Worry-Free New Year from Us to You!

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