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Empowering Your Engineering Firm

We expertly serve engineering organizations that develop, own, operate, service, occupy or invest in significant amounts of real estate. Many engineering firms trust us to provide a fully-managed outsourced IT team for engineering IT services, around-the-clock help desk services, network security services and IT management and consulting. We keep your IT hardware, software, phone and networks securely running, without downtime and at peak performance.

How We Do IT For Your Firm

Our engineering IT solutions help engineering firms reduce the cost of buying and managing technology. Not only do we offer complete IT for engineering, we also work with our engineering clients to develop a comprehensive IT strategy and technology roadmap. This roadmap clearly outlines the steps required to align your company’s revenue and growth goals with updated technology solutions, helping you more easily reach your business targets.


Your office is wherever your feet are. You have to be able to access all your documents from contracts to blueprints and inspection reports, and more. That means that your shared network has to be up and running all the time. We keep you productive.


All of your equipment and software has to run perfectly on its own, and be perfectly integrated with each other. From project management systems to CAD/CAM and from your back office to your customer portal, we keep your systems integrated and flowing smoothly.


Regulations constantly change, and it’s imperative that all your technology is continually monitored and upgraded to ensure they meet the most current rules. That applies to how your applications store data, your storage protects it, and your networks transmit it. We help you meet the rules and regulations that keep you in compliance.

Engineering IT Support Challenges


You face three costs. First is the capital cost of owning and licensing technology. Second is the operational cost of keeping that technology running. Third is the cost when you fall out of compliance. We are your partner to control those costs.


Data loss, whether by a hacker, lost equipment or natural disaster, throws a project into a tailspin, imposing days and days of delay. Every delay means money wasted and revenue missed. That demands a strategic backup and restore as well as a disaster recovery system at the ready. We protect your business data and information.

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