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Supporting Your Small Business

Many small businesses can realize substantial benefits for their company by leveraging small business IT support from a managed IT services provider. You may know how to run your business, but maybe not when it comes to managing your IT. We care about the success of your small business because we are also a small business.

How We Do IT For Your Business

Our managed IT services are flexibly and innovatively designed. We provide SMB IT services and computer support for small business across many industries to help you transform and grow your business. With our IT tools, IT support and IT solutions, you eliminate downtime, save money and increase efficiency. You also can focus more time on running your business, while we focus on making sure your business keeps running.


Many businesses feel there’s a gap between existing skills and desired skills when it comes to IT service and manage service providers. We have IT consultants who are fully trained and armed with technical knowledge and problem-solving abilities.


Maintaining IT hardware is expensive and time-consuming for businesses already challenged with managing the growing demands of operations. Common issues include slow or outdated servers, and physical loss in the event of a disaster. There’s also the capital expense of buying and scaling IT equipment as well as implementing upgrades. The number of servers needed and the operating expenses add up. We empower you to embrace virtualization technologies and move to virtual environments. We handle the hardware, and that’s a more efficient use of your capital and staff.


We are all human, and human error contributes to big challenges. Too often, such errors and breaches send a business into a crisis. It leads to financial losses, customer repercussions and even legal problems. We respond with “prevention is the best answer.” We audit your processes and implement security best practices at all vulnerable points. We educate employees about their responsibilities, and hold them accountable for following policies.


The last thing you need is business-critical computing to be interrupted or your business phone system to be down. It means a tremendous loss of business. It’s an inconvenience for employees and customers. We deliver fast and reliable connectivity for key communications.


We provide a range of IT management solutions to suit your specific business requirements. Do you need a full-time tech officer, once-a-week systems maintenance or a one-off project? How about VPN help, a 24-hour help desk or a plan to grow your IT capability within the constraints of your budget? We deliver exactly the business IT services you need, and we solve your IT problems in a step-by-step manner at your pace.

Small Business IT Challenges


The headaches and costs of trying to recover from a disaster, and perhaps not being able to completely recover, threaten your vitality. We schedule backups and regularly test them.


If mobile device gets lost, that’s an opportunity for someone to access important business information. We encourage you to treat mobile devices as endpoints of your IT ecosystem. Entitle them to the same levels of protection as your network, servers and desktops. Incorporate solutions, such as encryption and remote wipe capabilities, for mobile devices into your IT security plan.


Many small businesses quickly grow into mid-sized businesses without a complete vision of their IT management needs, resulting in a mix of old and new technology. We streamline your hardware and software. We develop a clear vision moving you forward with the proper business technology, allowing you to grow.

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